Responsible invisible aligner treatments

At LetSmile we are taking our field of dentistry and its profession very seriously. We are familiar with the risks and dangers of incorrectly performed treatments – while at the same time we are also too familiar with the downsides of standard orthodontic treatments. Innovation comes from the need for change. And this need arises from the incredibly high prices and the inconvenience of physical, time-consuming treatments. This is what we are solving with our proposition. We make dental aesthetic treatments affordable and accessible for everyone. We do so by replacing the physical appointments with modern innovative software – while still having a full experienced dental team on board that approves and monitors your treatment. The limitations of this model are that we can’t treat everyone, which depends on the complexity of the teeth position. If we can’t treat you, we can already tell you very early in the process, which saves time and money. We then refer you to an orthodontic office, because that’s exactly what those orthodontic specialists have been studying for: solving complex cases. The beauty of invisible aligners and its processes is that it’s so predictable and easy, that this is really something you can do from home. In order to make our treatments so successful we take special care to the following fields:

Treatment planning

Despite the fact that we are a relatively new company, established in 2020, we work together with a partner laboratory that produces our invisible aligners and who has been successfully doing that for over 8 years, thereby treating over 100.000 patients in more than 25 countries with over 2,5 million aligners produced to date. They have a large team of qualified dental technicians on board and a software that proved its worth over more than a decade. Besides that, even though invisible aligners sometimes are seen as something rather recent, they have in reality been around since 1997 and approved as an official orthodontic treatment by European dental organizations since 2004.
We combine their knowledge and expertise of production and our knowledge in the field of aligners, optimal convenient processes and great customer service.

Besides that, our team consists of dentists, orthodontists, dental technicians, dental assistance and more. Every person you talk to in our organization will be trained to have all the required knowledge and expertise to support you with all the questions you might have. Each of our clients will be assigned a specific dentist to her*his case, that legally takes the responsibility to make sure that your teeth will be straight at the end of the treatment.

As each case is very individual and each person has its own unique biology, there is always the chance that a tooth moves slower than expected. Anyhow, our promise is that we will make sure that you are satisfied with the end result and therefore we provide free refinements at the end of the treatment, with only one condition: you have worn your aligners the required 20-22 hours a day for 14 days per every set. That means that you can have a few extra sets of aligners at the end of the treatment when you are not fully satisfied yet. That way, you will always walk away from our treatment with a beautiful new confident smile.

Clinical Dangers

There are of course always serious matters to consider during the treatment. And because we don’t believe that this should be taken lightly, we have summed up a few for your attention and to elaborate how we deal with those cases or make certain choices.

We on purpose do not treat any of your molars and solely focus on the 3-3 teeth, which means the teeth till your incisors, which are basically the teeth you see while smiling. Therefore we don’t change anything drastically in your occlusion (i.e. your bite).

We always advise our clients to go to their dentist or mouth hygienist to make sure there are no diseases or abnormalities (like periodontitis or caries). When a client has an X-ray of their teeth, they are free to send it to us and we will make sure that the dental team receives this. However, this is not a requirement for a good treatment. As this is mostly required when you want to fix more complex problems.

A part of the success of this treatment is based on the impressions that the lab receives. Therefore the impression taking process is very crucial. The beauty of this is that we already help you very thoroughly with making impressions – by giving personal instructions after you sent pictures of your impressions, by guided video material and even by guided calls. When the impressions are then received in the lab, they will be carefully examined to see if they are good enough for production. If they are not, we will, in no case, produce the aligners and will always ask you to make new impressions.

The regular physical appointments that clients would have to go through in a normal process are replaced by regular software monitoring steps. This is where the patient sends pictures during the treatment for our dentist to assess the process and the health of the teeth. This saves a lot of time and money, and is considered to be more than sufficient for our types of treatments.


Despite our affordable price compared to the other players in the market, we do make use of the highest and most advanced material for our invisible aligner materials. We use the “K Flex 3 layer foil” which is fully BPA free, CE certified and produced in Dusseldorf, Germany. The three layer foil offers more comfort, while at the same time it offers higher elasticity for the right pressure to push your teeth into the new position.

K Flex consists of a combination of high-performing materials with three layers in a dual-shell structure. The material combines an inner shell and an outer shell. The inner shell is tough and grips the teeth firmly to exert a firm and sustained force on the teeth and move them in a precisely controlled manner. The outer shell provides abrasion resistance, acting as a tough barrier to grinding or bruxing forces of the teeth. Sandwiched between the outer and inner shells, lies the central elastomeric layer which provides elasticity to the entire structure.

The central layer prevents the aligners from getting deformed over time, which is a common disadvantage with most clear aligners with high intensity use due to repeated insertion and removal. It provides the Clear Aligners with the ability to rebound and recover from mechanical deformation. Forces applied in any direction – including rotational forces – receive a rebound response.

Financial Dangers

Oftentimes, we see companies in this field offering to pay for the treatment during up to 72 months (i.e. 6 years) of installment payments, so that you only pay a very limited amount of money per month. However, we strongly believe that besides the financial risk that this implies for you directly – a negative credit score (f.ex. relevant for your interaction with banks and payment providers) and a lot of interest payment – it is also not ethical to have you pay 6 years for a treatment of less than one year. With LetSmile we are super straightforward about all the costs upfront, no misconceptions and one fixed price that includes all (!) the fees.

We have the most affordable price in the market which we can offer by only treating cosmetic cases (no molar treatments, cf. above), and we don’t have to pay for physical stores because we do everything online. Next to that, we decided that we won’t strive for huge margins, but rather offer a fair price and set a new industry standard.


In our case, the assigned dentist is always responsible for the treatment, and the laboratory is responsible for the quality of aligners, the planning and production. So please be assured that they will – in close collaboration with us – same as us do their utmost best to guarantee the best possible results for each and every client. We work with a consistent group of dentists and orthodontists who are experts in the field of invisible aligner treatments. They are trained professionals who are familiar with the European telemedicine legislation, which functions as the foundation for our remote treatments.